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What do we work on?  We work on the following makes: Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki.


How long have we been around?  MIH Powersports has been in business since 2010.


Why come to us?

We have spent years working in dealerships that only want to make a quick buck. Working for owners who don't treat their customers or employees well. Most dealerships strongly encourage their mechanics to cut corners, and technicians make less if they actually do the job properly.  Do you really want a disgruntled tech working on your bike?

Was the communication from the dealer good? Did they communicate at all?

Did you get surprised by the bill that you didn't authorize?

Did they actually do the job they said they'd do?

Did your bike or quad stay at the dealership for a long time without anything being done? Did you get forgotten or get the run around?

Did you have to deal with a service advisor at the counter who didn't really know what was going on, but was constantly try to sell you more things? (of course he's paid on commission).

Ever have parts problems with the dealer?

When you call, do you sit on hold for too long?

Were your parts on back order and no one let you know?

Did they call you when your parts came in? Did they communicate at all?

At MIH Powersports, you won't have those problems. Our mission is to be:

Convenient, timely, professional, honest, communicative, and produce high quality work.

  • Some after hours pick up and drop off times are available. We also offer transport service. Call during business hours for details, and to set up an appointment.

  • We will NEVER put customers on hold and then forget about them. Normally, diagnostics will get started within a couple days, and repairs started within two days of receiving parts. If there is a delay due to work volume we will let you know up front.
  • Take the extra time to do it right. We have educated technicians with factory training.  Service work is actually done here, not just pat the seat and send it home as we've witnessed at certain dealerships.
  • Do what we say we're going to do.  All of us are conscientious workers. If we do something wrong, we don't sleep at night
  • Torque wrenches are used on critical fasteners here. 
  • Explain the process to the customer. Keep the customer updated. If there is further work to be done, call first before continuing. Give customers options if possible.

  • Don't put in surprise charges and be sincere with our customers.  The dealers like to play hide the money, by claiming low rates to get you in the door, and then making it take more time, or adding things you don't need so they can charge more.

Especially during certain times of the year, sometimes we cannot take in every job proposed to us.  We reserve the right to decline any proposed work due to one or more of the following factors:  type of job, space, time of year, scheduling, or other issues.  Our policy is to not undertake the job at all in these circumstancess so as to not compromise our principles .